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"We need your help, Peter." "With what?” “Break into a highly secured facility. And to get someone out.”



brb sacrificing joe nathan to satan

then pissing on him

The problem I have with Joe Nathan is that 

  1. I honestly don’t think he deserves to be our closer because he seriously makes me so nervous whenever he goes in to pitch. he has blown so many saves after starting pitchers go 7 or 8 innings only giving up a few hits
  2. after the chin flick incident, its clear that he doesn’t respect the fans or the city he is playing ball for. if you are given a chance to pitch in the major leagues, do not disrespect the people who are rooting for you, even if you did not pitch well that night.
  3. our announcers have nothing but good things to say about him. like the many horrible closers we have had before him, our tv announcers think he is brilliant. and that just plain pisses me off.
  4. lastly, he thinks he is hot stuff. he said in an article that he doesn’t think he has done badly this season. uh huh. look at your stats and look at how many saves you have blown. sorry to break the news to you bub

A monster, I’ve turned into a monster. 

i have so many gif memes i want to do but i have no time to do them

school is just a bitch

so hottie biology god nate was forced to be my euchre partner tonight and to basically teach me how to play and i gotta say, god bless that boy. god bless everything about his attractiveness

Troping Derek: Season 4

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