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If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?

Dean: This is it.
Sam: This is what?
Dean: Team Free Will. One ex-blood junkie, one dropout with 6 bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there. Awesome.


1 day to go..

hey guys sorry that I’ve basically been gone lately but I’ve been really busy and I move back to school on Sunday so basically I’ve been packing like crazy along with everything else I have going on.

To keep up with me on places other than tumblr feel free to follow me on any of the following! If we are in a mutual/you tell me who you are I will follow you back

hopefully with the start of school i’ll be online more <3 i miss it



I know some people have cable or don’t have access to BCC one so here are the lives streams for tomorrow. 

*message me or comment if one is offline or not working*
When I get the live stream times for most places i’ll post it soon. 






Reblog so everyone has a place to watch the new episode of Doctor who! 

Holy shit!! This is one of the BEST, probably THE BEST Sterek video i have EVER seen!! Just wow!! AMAZING!

This is your birth.